That Bearded Mofo

What Is That Bearded Mofo?

This dotcom is a notcom with the purpose of entertaining, filling, and killing time. Think of as a highschool. From the Homeroom, you can navigate your way into one of the school's cliques. The A/V geeks would meet under the See This section where all the visual storytelling takes place. The jocks would rally around Fake Football where you can find the world of fantasy football recounted with a pop culture filter. The debate club would assemble over at Politickin' where policies and politicians get skewered, scolded, and praised as deserved. The drama squad would seek their thrills in Choose Yours where custom-made adventure awaits. And all other original stories and humorous reports can be found under Gen Pop, which is an Oz reference.

Who Is That Bearded Mofo?

Terry L. Wesley is a writer who is not as pretentious as that middle initial suggests. He originates from St. Louis, Missouri and earned a Masters in Film and Television Production at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles where he resides today. Terry works in television and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which he drew in with a Sharpie. A fan of humor websites and political satire, Terry devised in September 2012 as a way to combine his unwavering joy of writing with his selfish desire to showcase his work.

Where Is That Bearded Mofo?

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