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My 129-Word Essay On

Ben Affleck As Batman

Published Thu Sep 5, 2013 01:30pm PST

Now that the Internet has calmed from its geeksplosion of Batffleck hatred, outing dweebs in the process and legitimizing society's designation of them as untouchables, I have something to say about Warner Bros. choice of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie...

I would like to see Affleck play Lex Luthor.

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Also, "Raise up out that sequel, bitch!"

I never thought about Affleck playing Lex, Batman, or any role in anything ever until WB brought it up. But Affleck is a decent actor. He's just been in some bad movies. And there's no way Superman/Batman could be bad.

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Every team-up movie ever is perfect. Eye-gougingly perfect.

He's already been vilified by the public, might as well be villain-fied by the big screen. Think of the billions Warner would make if all these angry dorks could actively root against Affleck in theatres.

~That Bearded Mofo~

My 129-Word Essay On

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