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My 129-Word Essay On


Published Thu Jul 4, 2019 12:50am PST

There's a simple purpose for hashtags in social media: to highlight the central subject matter of your message making it accessible to searches on said subject matter. Or in lamen's terms, #thiswhatyoutalkin'bout.

image shaved off
image shaved off

If Willis had used hashtags, the TV catchphrase as we know it would never have existed.

But, as happens with everything the Internet touches, its purpose got perverted. The hashtag became a joke. When making comments on the Democratic National Committee debates, it would be proper to use #DNCDebate and not #BetoWithTheGoodHair. #DNCDebate is a phrase everyone can connect to. #BetoWithTheGoodHair is just some shit you made up.

image shaved off
image shaved off

Beyoncé, please don't sue me.
Or burn me with your dragons.

Now the hashtag has turned into a punctuation of individual thought. You say, "So what?" I say, "Don't talk to me that way." But you're right. And I don't mind that. What I do mind is this:

#reading #amillion #hashtags #overuse #stopit #thisdefeatsthepurpose #ihateyoufordoingthis #blessed

~That #bearded Mofo~

My 129-Word Essay On

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