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My 129-Word Essay On


Published Wed Sep 4, 2013 9:00pm PST

I don't know anything about Syria. Not as a country nor a hot topic.

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Is this Syria? Can we bomb it anyway?

At least I didn't know anything until I read this Syria for Dummies page by the Washington Post. If, like me, you hear Obama say "Syria" and immediately feel like you're at the kiddie table, gotta read it.

Chemical weapons are awful. So are bullets, attack dogs, and machetes. We shouldn't bomb Syria. We can't bomb Syria. Actually, the Senate voted the go-ahead so we can, we might, and we will. But we shouldn't because the onus shouldn't be on us, the U.S.

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Ohhh, that's why they think we're self-important. I see it now.

It's a civil war. They're bloody and awful. Ours was too. But it was ours. And if England or France had intervened, today we'd be called the United States of Murdering Europe.

~That Bearded Mofo~

My 129-Word Essay On

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