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My 129-Word Essay On

Net Neutrality

Published Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:15pm PST

I hate net neutrality.

Or I love it.

Wait... Let me read this to figure out what the hell I'm talking about.

image shaved off

"Help control the troll population.
Have your Internet spayed and neutered."

I see now.

It's over.


You probably aren't reading this right now because I'm not important enough for search engines to bing on or google on or netscape navigate on. But once I am important enough, you won't be reading this because I may have accused Time Warner Cable of basing their pricing model on the black market organ circuit and they may have put me on their Nixonian enemies list.

image shaved off

Shameless is good, but it's not "kidney and a half" good.

It's a shame. The end of net neutrality is another societal faceplant. Another history book example of the Age of the Haves-Too-Much versus the Haves-No-Chance. Another opportunity for our government to feed us to wolves.

~That Price-Gouged Mofo~

My 129-Word Essay On

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